You know you've got something to share with the world and you just don't know how to start...


We take a group of ingenious experts (that's you!) through an online intensive learning experience to help them become better speakers, better presenters, better pitchers, and better communicators.


Working together with your coach over 8 weeks you will go through a program to help you develop and deliver a TED-worthy talk or pitch. 



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Nick Kindler, Your Guide

CEO, Keynote Speaker, Author, Communication Coach

A keynote speaker, communication coach, and eternal entrepreneur, Nick is passionate about innovation and communication. A former actor, teacher, and comedian, for more than a decade Nick was the founding partner, creative director, and speaker coach at engine communication + events. In 2013, Nick opened his own coaching practice Kindler and Company, focusing on developing the communication and speaking skills of ingenious experts: scientists, technologists, academics, and business leaders. He then joined TEDxToronto as a coach, eventually taking on the role of Director of Programming. In 2015, Nick co-founded Talk Boutique, a speaker development, speaker representation, and event curation company, spending much of his time helping leaders communicate their innovation so it’s understood, shared, and embraced by the world. Nick is also the Head of Programming for SingularityU Canada, a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future for all. Having played a key role in the curation and coaching of the past SingularityU Canada Summit speakers, Nick became a certification partner for all Singularity University faculty and speakers around the world.


"Working with Nick and his program has been extraordinarily valuable. It's not just about improving my speaking, but also how I communicate. It has led to television appearances, countless international keynotes, and more."

Dr. Afsaneh Alavi
Senior Dermatologist, Mayo Clinc


You have ideas that are worth sharing. You just need some help to bring them to life. 


We help you get clear on your purpose and translate even the most complex topics so it's understood


Then we bring it all together by helping you with your performance whether it's onstage or on-screen.

A Proven Process to Simplify, Transform, and Perform Your Pitches and Presentations

"“This is 21st Century skilling” "


You've got questions?

Beautiful. We love questions!

I have jammed a whole lot into a single program. The whole program is delivered live (with me!) and with all live sessions becoming evergreen so you can access a workshop if you can't attend. The program includes

  • Live Online Workshops
  • Mindset and Output
  • Simplifying with Structure
  • Engagement
  • Setting up your space
  • Running a meeting
  • Using visuals
  • Rehearsal Techniques
  • Peer Coaching Model
  • Status
  • Body Language
  • Voice

It also includes coaching. Lots and lots of coaching to help you achieve your challenge goal:

  • Coaching
  • Pre-Assessment review
  • 24 Hour Response
  • 3 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Individualized Assessment
  • Assessment Video

And it provides you with tons of useful tools:

  • Lots of Tools...
  • Communication Canvas
  • Purpose Practice
  • Peer Coaching Model
  • Setting Up Your Space Checklist
  • Slide Logic
  • Measure your status
  • Simplify with Structure e-book

Yes...and no! The whole program is delivered live by your coach and guide Nick Kindler. After each session is delivered, you will be provided access to the lesson on video on the program site so you can review the content on your own time. 

Every Thursday at noon! Starting on January 11 we will begin going through the 8 week program. And we will get moving pretty quickly! 

Eight weeks later you will have developed a beautifully polished original pitch or presentation!

Not to worry! All sessions are recorded and can be viewed at your convenience.

You get to work with Nick Kindler, TEDx speaker, Keynote speaker,  CEO and founder of Kindler and Company. Nick has worked with some of the biggest brains around the globe helping them get their big ideas out to world. 

We start at 12pm EST on January 11!

"We turned to Nick to help us set-up and orchestrate our internal Speaker Bureau training program. He has the uncanny ability to help a speaker cut through the clutter of curse of knowledge and craft a compelling TEDx-grade narrative. "


Questions? We've got answers

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Tools, Techniques, Templates

We provide you with a way to approach every presentation, every pitch, every communication so you are set for success. You leave with practical, reusable tools that can be used to help you prepare and delivery successfully, every time you present

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"I used the framework just like you showed me. After I presented, my client said, ‘I have never heard anyone explain something so complicated so clearly.’ So it worked like a gem!"


Next Challenge Starts January 11, 2021

8 Weeks will have a TED-worthy polished original pitch or presentation! Join the challenge today!


Starting any challenge is a big decision

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