Get Clear on What You Want to Say for Any Presentation, Pitch or Meeting

So that when you present you can deliver like a pro!



 Stand out by using a process and techniques that help you deliver a unique talk every time you present.

 Uncover a process that helps you get clear on your purpose so you can share it confidently with the world. Stop winging it and start delivering by creating new presentation habits.

 Save time and take the frustration out of preparing your presentation by using our 3-Step Purpose Practice and Communication Canvas.


CEO, Keynote Speaker, Author, Communication Coach, Eternal Entrepreneur

Nick is passionate about innovation and communication. A former actor, teacher, and comedian, for more than a decade Nick was the founding partner, creative director, and speaker coach at engine communication + events.

In 2013, Nick opened his own coaching practice, Kindler and Company, focusing on developing the communication and speaking skills of ingenious experts: scientists, technologists, academics, and business leaders.

He then joined TEDxToronto as a coach, eventually taking on the role of Director of Programming.

In 2015, Nick co-founded Talk Boutique, a speaker development, speaker representation, and event curation company, spending much of his time helping leaders communicate their innovation so it’s understood, shared, and embraced by the world.

Nick is also the Head of Programming for SingularityU Canada. And became a global faculty certification partner for all Singularity University speakers around the world.